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November 11, 2005



As one of the opinionated friends, I feel obligated ... One major headache we have been relentlessly asking for is to try to rush into conclusion of something we've known little to nothing about. For xyz's sake, if we can't explain something, don't randomly come up with a filler. Why can't we enjoy the mystery and the unknown? I think I would be very excited if I became the all-mighty God who certainly knows everything, but at most for the first 24 hours. Would be bored to death afterwards.

So, when something cannot be explained using a "natural selection" theory, we don't have to immediately build an "unnatural" theory to replace or complement it, unless of course when a science or philosophy paper is overdue. One of the trillions of possibilities is that an extraterrestial species with an intelligence of 1000 times of human's was responsible for life on Earth. In that case, we were created (with admittedly numerous faulty designs) but there was not a bit of "unnatural" about it. Another possibility is that there is really a God not bored to death yet. But then someone who had to mix Tylenol with pinto beans in burritos would have to figure out how this God was naturally or unnaturally selected.

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