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October 18, 2005



I agree - nature seems profligate in its generation of maddeningly complex "hacks". Complexity is a free resource. Nature is not constrained - in its designs - by any need to make them easy for us to decipher. I believe that argues against design by a creator who thinks like us - not for it.
Also, I think you will find this Behe guy is merely the latest in a long line of Darwin's critics who choose some marvelous system from nature (e.g. the eyeball) and then express their personal incredulity that it could possibly have evolved. This is hardly an original argument and in my opinion it is (still) wrong. See Dawkins - "The Blind Watchmaker" for details....


My interpretation of Darwinism's "evolution by natural selection" is that it attempts to explain how living things evolve within a world that is human-perceivable along with limited extension of human logic. I'm not sure Darwin ever tried to extrapolate beyond that world. Meanwhile, Intelligent Design advocates assert that "natural selection" wouldn't be able to account for, say, certain existing species, hence some "thing" else must be doing something ... This in essence is an attempt to seek an explanation from a solution set outside that of Darwin's.

So the two theories don't necessarily collide, except when one attempts to trace along the two different paths all the way to the primordial origin. Another cause for possible collisions stems from the definition of "natural". In fact, intelligent design would still be "natural" if we were open to assuming that the designers could be some intelligent beings of higher order. In that case, one could use the analogy of studying artificially built ant communities or cloning sheep. Such activity is natural because human beings possess abundance of curiosity and egoism by nature, and there is no reason to assume nosy ET can't exist. But as soon as attempts are made to recursively traced back to the primordial designer(s), it gets hairy, again.

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