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October 28, 2005



Really, very interesting. I'm just about to order a kit today so I went looking for other bloggers who had any comments on results so I knew what to suspect.

I too would have hoped for finer granularity than 15,000 (it would have been great to at least get up to the common era!) but I suppose it is still all very interesting.

I know I belong to a group (Sephardic Jews) that have migrated into and out of the Middle East several times--my particular family lore has our genes marching across North Africa into Spain and then across Europe to Syria. I'd love to know if any of that is true.

I know there are _lots_ of lore surrounding the origin of various groups in India. I remember hearing people boast, "I am a descendant of Alexander the Great's troops!" Wouldn't it be neat to at least have anecdotal evidence. If for bragging rights and nothing else...



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